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TV Review: ‘Marco Polo

TV Review: ‘Marco Polo

‘Marco Polo,’ Netflix’s shiny new epic, may not live up to the lofty, unfair “Game of Thrones” comparisons foisted on it by the media. But the young property, created by showrunner John Fusco, still gets a lot right in its eminently watchable, dramatically flawed first season. “Marco Polo” is easily Netflix’s most ambitious production to

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One Year. Seven Pieces of Cinema by Ben Garchar (May 13, 2013 – May 12, 2014) and a new outlook towards short film possibilities. The Ascent – 5/13/2013 LUV U – 7/08/2013 Gloria Valentine – 9/02/2013 The Encounter in Paris – 11/18/2013 Broadway – 1/21/2014 Fathers and Sons – 3/03/2014 Jake – 5/12/2014 Even though