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Interview: Katha Cato (Director – QUEENS WORLD FILM FESTIVAL)

Interview: Katha Cato (Director – QUEENS WORLD FILM FESTIVAL)

The borough of Queens is the most ethnically diverse community in the world, with two major airports serving to connect New York City and the global community. The 3rd Annual Queens World Film Festival appreciates this diversity by promoting both local and international filmmakers positioning Queens as a destination for both filmmakers and film lovers.

Filmmaker Profile: L.E. Salas (Director – ‘DEAD MAN WORKING’) – QUEENS WORLD FILM FESTIVAL

In the near future, the recently deceased are mysteriously rising from their graves.  An emerging group of the living dead have people down-right scared.. of losing their jobs. These fresh (and sometimes not so fresh) corpses are not here to eat the living; they have retained their memory of work and need to feed their