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51st New York Film Festival Review: ‘CAPTAIN PHILLIPS’

51st New York Film Festival Review: ‘CAPTAIN PHILLIPS’

Directed by Paul Greengrass Written by Billy Ray Starring Tom Hanks, Barkhad Abdi Early in Paul Greengrass’s ‘Captain Phillips,’ the film’s titular character (Tom Hanks) frets to his wife over their teenage son, who is slacking off in school. That kind of attitude, Phillips worries, will dog him as he enters an increasingly competitive workforce…

“How We Are Connected”: ‘Hank and Asha’ and the New Age of Digital Romance (Spoilers)

“My sweet Girl—Your Letter gave me more delight than any thing in the world but yourself could do; indeed I am almost astonished that any absent one should have that luxurious power over my senses which I feel.” — John Keats in a letter to Frances “Fanny” Brawne, July 8, 1819. Over the last three