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Reinvent Hollywod With Ted Hope & Reinventors

Reinvent Hollywod With Ted Hope & Reinventors

Starting May 28, Fandor CEO Ted Hope will be leading that very conversation, partnering with Reinventors and gathering influencers together for a six-part interactive web series called Reinvent Hollywood.  The technology and politics of filmmaking are changing rapidly, which means that the industry will need to change as well. But what does that mean for every corner of the

Interview: JOE BANDELLI – BumBloods (The Art of Brooklyn FilmFestival

Born and raised in New Jersey, Joe Bandelli received his Bachelor’s Degree from The College of New Jersey. Although his first few years after school had him working in the field of finance for companies like Merrill Lynch and Blackrock, he eventually made his way to New York City to pursue a filmmaking career. Focusing