Techno-Philosophy Doc. ‘Welcome to the Machine’ Opens @ reRun Theater – Jan. 11, 2013

Upon becoming the father to triplets, filmmaker Avi Zev Weider explores the nature of technology. Woven together with expert interviews and portraits of people who have intimate relationships with technology, “Welcome To The Machine” takes the conversation away from the business of technology or the latest gadgets and leads the audience to ultimately consider questions of life and death, revealing that all discussions about technology are really about what it means to be human.

In seeking to clarify these questions, and deal with his new and difficult reality, the filmmaker engages futurists, scientists, scholars, anti-technology advocates and even Ted Kaczynski, aka the ‘Unabomber,’ to uncover a big-picture view of our ongoing relationship to technology. These interviews explore issues like: What is the origin of technology?  Is technology ‘neutral’ or does is have an ‘intent?’  In a world of high technology, what is value of living things?

Intertwined with these interviews are two stories that explore how technology is literally changing our worldviews and physical reach. In one, the audience gets up close to US Army pilots training to remotely command unmanned aerial vehicles – ‘drones’ – by sitting for long stretches inside a machine. In the second story we meet Dean Lloyd, who at age 68, is one of only a handful of people implanted with the Argus II artificial retina. Blinded at age 24, Dean now has a microchip directly attached to his optic nerve and can once again ‘see’ the world with the help of a machine inside of him.

Welcome To the Machine‘ premiered in the US at SXSW and internationally at Hot Docs 2012 in Toronto.

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Friday, January 11 – Thursday, January 17, 2013
Filmmaker Magazine, IFP & reRun Theater Present
@ reRun Theater
147 Front St. Brooklyn, NY
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