The Avon Theatre Presents ‘Shored Up’ – Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Our beaches and coastline are a national treasure, a shared resource, a beacon of sanity in a world of constant change…and they’re disappearing in front of us. ‘SHORED UP‘ is a documentary that asks tough questions about our coastal communities and our relationship to the land. What will a rising sea do to our homes, our businesses, and the survival of our communities? Can we afford to pile enough sand on our shores to keep the ocean at bay? In Long Beach Island, New Jersey and the Outer Banks of North Carolina, surfers, politicians, scientists and residents are racing to answer these questions. Beach engineering has been our only approach so far, but is there something else out there to be explored? Our development of the coastlines put us in a tough predicament, and it’s time to start looking for solutions.

Denise Savageau presently serves on Connecticut’s Long Term Recovery Natural and Cultural Resources Workgroup. She also formerly served on the Governor’s Climate Change Adaptation Subcommittee and co-chaired the Infrastructure workgroup. As Conservation Director for the Town of Greenwich she is leading the effort to educate the community on climate change adaptation, including sea level rise and storm frequency. She recently attended a 3-day training provided by NOAA for coastal communities. Denise also works in the Town’s Emergency Operation Center, monitoring weather conditions and water elevation gages, and assisting with GIS/evacuation mapping etc.

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Shored Up

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
The Avon Theatre & The League of Women Voters of Greenwich, Darien and Westchester presents
@ Avon Theatre Film Center
272 Bedford St
Stamford, CT


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