The D-Word, Web’s Largest Documentary Community, Marks 15 Year Anniversary With Crowdfunded Update

The D-Word, the web’s most vibrant documentary community, is turning 15 this year. Entirely volunteer-run and free to its members, The D-Word has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $15,000 for a major upgrade of its design, usability and functionality. Half of this goal has already been reached within the first week of the campaign, which will end April 11.

The D-Word began as the pioneering film blog of documentary veteran Doug Block (51 Birch Street, 112 Weddings) for his 1999 film ‘Home Page’. It soon evolved into an online platform for discussion and collaboration, and now numbers well over 10,000 members from 127 countries. Its upgrade will focus on a more contemporary design, as well as many tools and improvements making it far easier for members to keep up with the speed of ongoing conversations and to quickly learn what’s relevant to them.

The D-Word is among the first to use the ‘Portable Fundraiser’ toolset jointly developed by the Scottish Documentary Institute and Distrify, supported by Nesta. The ‘Portable Fundraiser’ turns video players into crowdfunding tools, no matter where they are embedded on the web.

Updates to Include responsive site design, featured favorite posts, more contemporary interface, and many other usability improvements

The D-Word is an indispensable resource for getting straight talk and detailed advice from doc makers that’s hard to find elsewhere.” – Thom Powers, documentary programmer for the Toronto International Film Festival

I’ve been a member of The D-Word for nearly 10-years. It’s an amazing real-world, up-to-date source of advice, camaraderie and community for working documentary filmmakers. I stop by for camera recommendations, word-smithing my log-lines, trailer feedback, festival strategy, the down-lo on applying for a grant, Kickstarter support, and a pick-me-up when my work-life balance seems off.” – Tracy Droz Tragos, 2014 Sundance Grand Jury Prize Winner for Rich Hill 

I’ve known The D-Word for a very long time and I have always admired the work that you do. I am a strong believer in sharing information, challenging each other, disagreeing sometimes – but all working for the same cause: making good documentaries that can travel and maybe change the world a little bit.” – Paul Pauwels, director of the European Documentary Network

Even when I’m on the far side of the world from home, I always have that warm, enveloping sense of community that The D-Word offers up on a daily basis. On The D-Word, I find myself virtually surrounded by a group of intelligent, real people who understand exactly what I’m doing, people who understand my craft.” – James Longleytwo-time Academy Award Nominee (Iraq in Framents, Sari’s Mother)
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