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TRICHSTER‘ is a feature-length documentary about the little known disorder, trichotillomania, commonly called “trich”.  “Trich” is an impulse control disorder that causes those that suffer from it to pull out their hair — body hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, skin.  It affects 15 million Americans (that’s three times the amount of those who suffer from anorexia).

Filmed from the perspective of 8 “trichsters”, the film provides a glimpse into how their disorder affects their day-to-day life and relationships over the course of one year.  Our goal for this documentary is to raise awareness and generate hope within the trichotillomania community.

We are a completely female creative team of industry professionals led by director, Jillian Corsie.  Jillian’s inspiration for the film came from a close childhood friend who kept their trichotillomania hidden for a year.  As a result, Jillian is using her love of filmmaking as a tool to normalize this disorder and help to prevent sufferers’ feelings of isolation and alienation.

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The ‘Trichster’ Team
Jillian Corise – Director
Carolyn Maher – Line Producer
Amanda Giordano – Producer
Katie O’Loughlin – Director of Photography
Seun Babalola – Director of Photography

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